Next time, call a cab

At this point, should we be surprised? ESPN showed Matthew Barnaby the door on Monday, the result of being arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated.

In a Porsche Cayenne without a front driver’s side tire. Around three in the morning in suburban Buffalo.

It’s his second arrest in seven months. The first came in May, after a domestic disturbance in Western New York involving his estranged wife, in which he faced five charges but agreed to a plea deal that came with one condition: stay out of trouble.

That didn’t happen.

Now, as a result of his bad behavior, the former Sabre – a Canadian citizen – may be escorted out of the country. From the Buffalo News:

“I hope Mr. Barnaby has a good lawyer because he is going to need one,” Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said. 

Then, Sedita added this:

“He’s potentially in jeopardy of deportation.”

Somewhere, Michelle Beadle must be saying this:  “Thank God that’s not my headache anymore.”


Circumstantial evidence?

Posted on Twitter (@MattBarnabyESPN) Sunday afternoon

When you’ve had too many to drink, shouldn’t you call a cab and waste a few bucks, instead of putting your life and livelihood and the lives of others at risk? Oh, wait, that might involve common sense. Which diminishes after a few drinks.


Barnaby had been gaining inroads as one of the four-letter network’s personalities – in more ways than one. Gregarious, outgoing, engaging, smartly dressed, Barnaby brought the player’s perspective and insight, as well as instant credibility to the camera, where he joined former NHL coach Barry Melrose in breaking down the day’s happenings around the League.

As a player, Barnaby’s career wasn’t defined by his scoring touch or by his speed. It was his role as a fighter, a charming one at that.

Why is it that every video I watched of Barnaby fighting, he was getting wailed on? More circumstantial evidence? Or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough? Still, here’s some food for thought: Barnaby retired four years ago – as a result of a concussion he sustained during a fight four years ago. Concussions. Pounding. Brain trauma. Connect the dots?

It’s all conjecture at this point. Yet whatever happens next, here’s hoping Matthew Barnaby gets some help.



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