That certain song …

There’s got to be one song, or that certain set of songs, that takes you to “a good place.”

Here’s mine – I first heard it in December of 1990, sitting in the Baltimore Armory during an indoor track meet, listening to my Walkman (remember those?) …

I still have no clue how many headsets I broke ...

And, surprisingly, I still know all the words to it today.

One thought on “That certain song …

  1. i always love to hear people talking about music and specific things that bring experiences back through music – honestly, it fascinates me… i’ve been hooked on this one lately – it was my favorite on escape – honestly, i’ve never really liked don’t stop believing – even less since it’s been absolutely killed in the past 5 years – but i couldn’t tell you the last time i had even heard it until this past week – and remembered every.single.word…

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