Supermodel behaving badly?

Gisele, let’s talk.

You and me. Woman to woman.

I know the feeling of a major loss – heck, I was in despair for a few minutes after last year’s Super Bowl. For a few days after the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. For a few more days after I lost my job, too.

And you probably had a few drinks in you as you took that walk down to meet your husband. And of course you were already in a heightened emotional state. It’s only the biggest game of your husband’s life.

But did you have to go and yell at the plebians who ultimately succeeded in provoking you? You are one of the hottest, wealthiest women in the world, married to one of the hottest, wealthiest athletes in the world. You’ve got enough to hold your head high and keep looking and moving forward.

Plus, you had your posse around you. I like to think of myself as a brave woman, but even I wouldn’t mess with Bianca Wilfork. She’s the mama wolf.

Brandon Jacobs, meanwhile, will probably be painted as a misogynist because he said you needed “stay cute and shut up.” I’ll say this at the risk of having my feminist card suspended for a few days, but he has a point.

With the cameras rolling, you made a bad personal PR move by not taking the high road. You should have just shut up, stayed strong and kept walking.


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