Mo’ money, mo’ problems

What did Lenny Dykstra get himself into this time?

And how did he get to be known as a “financial guru”? Did you ever read the GQ story on what it was like to work for Dykstra? More like “fraud guru.” And “big bully” and “shameless liar.”

Six days later, I stay up until 3 a.m. to complete my work on the October issue. In the morning, my sixty-seventh day of employment at The Players Club, Chris Frankie calls to deliver the news: “Lenny is going in another direction.”

“Just pay me,” I plead.

Our economy – our national economy and our personal economy – is fragile.

Suze Orman taught me this much: Don’t plan on spending any money until you have it in your hand or in your bank account.

As a result of being laid off, I’ve gotten frugal. No more salon trips unless absolutely necessary. Ended the high-class-gym membership. Money I was throwing away on gas is now being fueled to the savings account. Did we need the fancy butter at the store or could we go with the 4-pack we bought for lobster? (Which is 3.99 a pound at our local seafood shack – so don’t get any ideas that we’re living the high life). Did we need to have dinner at trivia or could we grill at home and have beers at the pub when we got there?

It’s about choices. Assess what you need first and what you want next.

Which brings me back to Dykstra. Dykstra – although a man who began life after baseball by seemingly making the right financial choices – got greedy. To the point of destroying his well-being and cheating others in the chase for the almighty dollars.

I say this all the time – money is the root of all evil and, as fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone explained in her first book, it’s up to us to reclaim it in the name of some good in the world. Otherwise, money makes us do horrible things and has a strange power over us. Earn more, spend more. Come upon a windfall, ignore the fact that you might be in a free-fall.

And like Puffy said in 1997 – mo’ money, mo’ problems.


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