The East Coast at random

A few thoughts after spending eight days on the road …

The most underrated view of New York City is from the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Route 19 in the South Hills of Pittsburgh is one big headache.

The people who anchored WPXI’s news in 1996 … are still anchoring the news!

But watching the Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington newscasts was a serious upgrade. Like switching from Key Light to Cristal.

I went to a Ravens bar in Maryland wearing black and gold … and survived.

But Pats fans, you’ve got nothing on Ravens fans as far as the obnoxious level goes.

It will cost you at least two dollars just to get out of the state of New Jersey.

The older you get, the grosser McDonald’s gets.

If you can, get to one of the Double T Diner locations in Maryland, and make sure you go with friends and you all order dessert.

I love my friends. I love my family even more. I cherish the time I spend with them.

And, seriously, as much as I love traveling, there’s nothing that feels as good as being back home.


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