So at the urging of one of my peers, I’m turning to Storify as another means of telling a story. The premise of it is pretty simple – using Storify, a user gathers feedback from various social media outlets to piece together a story.

I haphazardly experimented with it the night Sidney Crosby played in his first NHL game of the season, providing updates after each period and a retrospective at the end of the night:

What they’re saying after Sidney Crosby’s first goal

What they’re saying after the second period of Sidney Crosby’s return …

A retrospective on the day that was …

It looks something like this (just a screengrab):

So, readers, I’m asking you this – take a look at Saturday’s slate of college football games and let me know which game you think has the most fan interest, one that might be worth Storifying. I’ve gotten a few votes for Kansas-Missouri – given that it might be Turner Gill’s last game as coach of the Jayhawks and it might be one of the last meetings between the two teams … or there are just lots of people I know with a vested interest in KU-MU …

Either email me ( or send me a response on Twitter (@rlenzi)


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