Bling bling

The Stanley Cup ring. It’s a symbol of everything you’ve worked for – and what you’ve sacrificed – to reach the pinnacle of your sport.

Circa 1991

It’s valuable – invaluable, in fact. The average cost of a Stanley Cup ring is more than enough to help finance a home or a college education. But consider the other cost. Consider the sweat equity of the spring. The bumps, bruises, sprains, strains and breaks that were iced down, taped up, frozen and ignored in the pursuit of the greatest prize in the sport. The time away from your family and friends for another surreal night at the rink in April, May and June. The countless razors that were left untouched through the course of the spring.

Circa 2007

And it got lost. Though chances are, it was probably and regretfully not forgotten.

Circa 2010

Via Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, today’s Calgary Sun reports that Theo Fleury’s Stanley Cup ring from 1989 has been found – and a Good Samaritan has put out a “Desperately Seeking Susan” type ad on Craig’s List, cryptically searching for the ring’s rightful owner.

I just gotta know one thing, though – how do you lose something so small, that represents and costs so much?

Come get me, Theo. Please.

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