amberrosieYou can’t help but to overhear things when you’re on a coffee run. One snippet of a conversation among a group of young women jumped out at me:

“Ugh, I hate Amber Rose, she is such a slut.”

As a confessed fan of “Muva,” I couldn’t help but to defend Amber Rose.

“No, she is not,” I shot back. “Amber Rose takes ownership of who she is. She takes ownership of her personality and her sexuality. She wants other women to do the same, and not be ashamed of it.”

*cue the sneers from 20-something girls who think they are always right*



We fear what is different. What challenges us. Or maybe what is a little too similar to us.

People dislike Amber Rose because her convictions frighten them. Her boldness causes people to evaluate their own insecurities – about their appearance, their sexuality, their own voice. And let’s be real, sex – one of Amber Rose’s favorite subjects – is still very taboo in our society.

We can take a lesson from Amber Rose, who is taking ownership of herself and the power she has to influence people to do the same. Maybe we should be teaching people and teaching ourselves to do that, as well.


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