You are what you wear.


I despise leggings. I despise leggings even more when leggings are not worn appropriately by women – when they are worn as pants, in lieu of pants. And worn to work.

Because the world does not need to see the crease in your butt, the lines of your panties or the folds of your nether regions. Not sexy. And not appropriate for the work place.

And guys, you’re complicit in this, too. Like when you show up in a t-shirt, busted cargo shorts and ratty flip-flops to the job, feeling comfortable but looking like you just came in from an afternoon keg party instead of preparing for your next assignment.

So when you show up to work dressed like you’re going to the gym, a frat party or to a sleepover, your credibility diminishes. It sends a message: Are you at all serious about work? Do you want others to take you seriously? Are you more interested in picking up men by wearing tight clothing than completing the task that puts money in your wallet? Would you rather be comfortable in busted cargo shorts than be credible in a button-down and khakis?

What ever happened to the dress code, anyways?

It’s not worth the energy to tell you what to wear and what not to wear. But keep this in mind:

Presentation is important.


One thought on “You are what you wear.

  1. As someone who has gotten a hard time for wearing a tie to work on a daily basis, I like this posting. I think dressing the part gives you a competitive edge. It makes me think of a story I once read about New York City Detectives. They wear suits because they want to show that 1. They are there to put a bad situation back together again, and 2. They mean business. I try to keep that in mind when I put one on. I think part of the reason people don’t dress well is because they don’t know their proper sizes — so formal clothes feel uncomfortable. I won’t into my collar-measuring rant, except to say, get measured and buy one-half size bigger. you’ll feel a world of difference.

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