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See, athletic directors have a sense of humor, too.

After an otherwise lackluster Saturday Night Live episode with Katy Perry (acting, not singing) and Robyn, the only bright spot was Stefon, Weekend Update’s correspondent and resident club kid.

Watch Stefon’s Christmas recommendations here:

Jim Fiore, Stony Brook University’s athletic director, tweeted one of Stefon’s lines from last night’s episode, one of many Stefon references within the Twitterverse. But consider the messenger, not the message. How many times do you see a person of that stature post something out-of-character? And humorous, to boot? It’s kind of a shame we don’t see a sense of humor all the time from the higher-ups.

With changes in technology, Twitter is becoming a bit of a window into a user or public figure’s personality. And, sometimes, it can serve as a window for team personnel to cut out the proverbial middle man – to direct their own message.

In college athletics, it seems that coaches and athletic directors from the smaller schools who use Twitter are a little more plugged-in and a little more animated on their microblogging accounts. You get glimpses into their personalities.

Derek Schooley (@derekschooley), the hockey coach at Robert Morris University, has used Twitter to discuss Jersey Shore, to profess his love of the St. Louis Cardinals and to promote his hockey program.

When it was brought up during a Colonial Athletic Association teleconference in November, Towson football coach Rob Ambrose (@Coach_Ambrose) didn’t think anyone actually read his Twitter account, but added this:

Maine women’s basketball coach Richard Barron (@CoachBarronUMWB) and his staff are also on Twitter, but when I asked him about it earlier this year, he said he uses some discretion in posting. “I mean, I’m not going to tell the world ‘I just ate a cheeseburger,’ ” he said.

Of course, there are some tense moments in the world of Twitter, like Toronto Maple Leafs president and general manager Brian Burke’s statement about some media members, in the aftermath of the James Reimer/goalie-switch incident.

(moral of the story – don’t trust anybody.)

Or Florida Panthers President and CEO Michael Yormark (@panthersyormark), who is an active user of Twitter, but who had this to say to NESN commentator Jack Edwards after Florida’s 2-0 win Dec. 8 at Boston.

(moral of the story – don’t count out the Cats)

So, whether the message is good, bad, humorous or conveying an agenda … there’s a medium for that.


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