What is it about Tim Tebow?

Why is Tim Tebow so polarizing?

Because the magnitude of Tebow has overtaken most of what the rest of the Broncos have been able to accomplish on this run.

Because he’s different than the other quarterbacks we’ve superficially deified – the cult of personality. Tebow hasn’t been charged with a crime. He doesn’t have any children out of wedlock. He might have a speeding ticket, but that’s about it. He’s less TMZ and more Teen Nick.

Because he has been superficially deified. Maybe “venerated” is a better word.

Because he continues to push his religion onto the public – a display of piety in the otherwise secular arena called sports.

Because there are skeptics – and cynics – among us.

Because he is not a prophet.

Because Denver has a love-hate relationship with any quarterback not named Elway. (Are the skeptics – the agnostics, if you will – simply waiting for the fall?)

Because we are scared of someone who will challenge our beliefs.


2 thoughts on “What is it about Tim Tebow?

  1. I think the fact that he actually wins has a lot to do with it.

    People wouldn’t care as much if he wasn’t getting the job done on the field.

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